Saturday, July 23, 2011

When the guesthouse is quiet...

I stayed behind today after we returned home from our a.m. jaunt on the water truck. Still felt bit squimish and going up the mountain tomorrow is not something I want to miss. Although it has been nearly a week since we arrived in Port au Prince, I am still in awe each time i see the earthquake ravaged streets and the garbage that has never been given an order, so it remains where it lies. When we left this morning, our devotion was a quickie before we split ways, some to the wound clinic, some to an orphanage, some the water truck. Jen asked us to keep something in mind throughout the day. She wanted us to focus on what our definition of poverty was.
Because I have known spiritual, as well as finincial poverty, I dont think that I would have thought twice about an answer, but seeing this place, impoverished and hungry but richer in faith that any I have known, I would have to say that I am truly the one who is poor. How interesting that if you were to ask a Haitian that same question, they would most likely give an answer much diferent. As would any peoson from any different background. I think this question is so loaded with perception that there will never be a right or wrong answer.
Tomorrow is our last day here, this entire journey has changed me in so many ways. I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to have come here and to really see how blessed I am as an American. Love is richly buried here in the Haitian soil, as much as is the will to survive. So many see Haiti and want to change it all, to Americanize it, but I cannot see that happening. If we were to change Haiti, to eliminate third world countries, where would God bring us to break our hearts? Some may say that it would be unfair that the people in those contries would have to live in poverty just so that people like us could go and be humbled. But again looking at the word poverty, I think they might choose to remain. Who is poorer than whom? We are commanded to not store up our treasure here on earth, but to store up our treasure with HIM. So ultimatley, I ask YOU... Who is poorer? Haiti or YOU? What has broken your heart lately?
So I will sit here on the lanai watching a gecko leap up the stone facade to the guest house until my teammates return home to fellowship and share our stories and photos, to eat and rest for the next day.
I must say, I am so very grateful for all God has given me because it really does come from Him, everything. And so to HIM should be given all things.
Love, Christy
Healing Haiti Team Member

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