Friday, July 22, 2011

caribbean blue to a paler shade of green

The carribean is so blue. The salty water made me almost weightless. As this was my first experience in the ocean, experiencing it with a handful of Haitian children made me feel even more childlike in my glee. The vast sum of the depths of the ocean is sobering, seeing my first glimpse at the turquoise water, yet still driving over an hour until I could actualy touch it. I could have stayed all day, all night and then some. A steel drum band played just down the public beach where we paid $1 per person to swim and delight in the childrens delight. Fanfan is Healing Haiti's translator and an incredible source of Haitian knowledge and spiritual passion. When he found out it would be my first time in the ocean he wanted to show me another side of the Haitian coast.
After lunch I was accompanied by Fanfan, Junior, our driver, and Maxim, who works on the water truck. We walked down the beach that was many smooth round rocks until there was more and more garbage, climbed up and over some rocks, and there it was, a 5 star vacation resort with white sand beaches. Fan fan had wanted me to see the white sand and esthetics this resort provided. I saw a lovely beach. This is the Haiti we were not here to see. There was no trash, no chipped paint, and it most certainly did not cost $1 a day. $30 per person per day is what Fan fan said.
When asked which i prefered i had to admit i prefered the public beach. the music, the laughter, and the life that it held were actually Haitian to me. The resort down the beach was a facade. An intentionality to hide away the truth of what actually comprises Haiti. Seeing the children enjoy a part of the geography of Haiti they don't know was such a gift, the smiles and laughter will stay with me always, as will the sight of Maxim, who stands 6'3" and well over 230lbs wearing a lifejacket and a pink blow up tube around his middle.
I had no fear of becoming ill when i set out for this trip. I knew I was acting in obediance to God, and that if it happened it happened. Well, it happened. The nausea began shortly after bedtime, when i was nursed by Rachel Rae and Kirsten pepto tabs and some anti-nausea pills. The night ended up difficult, i was up sick most of it, and I am sure i woke the house up. What would have been a very embarassing situation back home was not here is Haiti. My house sisters banded together, peeking in, keeping fluids pushed with electrolytes, and even Jean, who handles the house managing peeked in during the day to see if i was ok, or if he could fix me some food. I had company all day today as another was ill with me, but i will let he share that with you.
Daily at 9am or so the generators in the house go off, so no fans, and the air conditioned bedrooms are no longer airconditioned. we layed on the tile floor with wet bandanas on our foreheads and talked about how grateful we were. Grateful for airconditioning, electricity, for the garbage truck that hauls away our trash not just around the corner. We were grateful for life, for our leaders who withut question assumed the role of house moms when they found we were ill. I am grateful for Fan fan, Jen, and Liz for coming in to pray over me, for Kirsten fr putting that cold water by my bed. I am grateful for Rachel Rae for getting up at night to be sure I was ok before going to bed herself, for Jean for turning the generators on so we could have some relief. I am grateful for green grass and clean water., For a closet full of clothes, and more shoes than anyone could wear in a year. I am grateful for my family who loves and nurtures and for this experience with all of these women.
"that you would do for the least of these, you also would do for me"

Christy Scott
Healing Haiti Team Member

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