Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taking It All In

All I can say is how thankful I am for everything that America has, and I only wish everyone could expeirence Haiti like the team and I are experiencing right now.

First Experience~

God has lightened a path for me and my fellow team members in this amazing journey that has just started. The first day was traveling day, which was an expierence. To see how Americans are in the airport, and then going to the Haiti and see how they work, and do different things then America, such as baggage claim. Haitian baggage claim is very different in Haiti, they have lights that are not working in the airport, they push your bags in through a window and people are pushing each other to try and find there bags. Just right there it showed how grateful we are to live in Ameria. Ending up after 2 hours Fanfan and Junior picked us up in the Taptap. We when arrived at the "Guest House" which was amazing, it was like paradise. As we got things set up in the house we when walked down the road to the Tent Homes. The first thing I still remember is this one little girl grabbing onto my hand and walking through these tiny paths to this open space were we held children, played soccor, and took it all in. It felt great to be here, and really experience what God is trying to teach me.

Second Day, THE WATER TRUCK!!!~

As I woke up this morning Liz and I were on kitchen duty. We made eggs, and pancakes for the team, and then headed out to the field to work on the Water Truck. As we were driving into Cite Soliel, the poorest city in the world. People were running after the truck with their buckets in there hands. We ended up going on 3 stops. By the end of each stop we would go back to the watering station and fill up the truck to head back out to the next row to deliever water. At our last stop at the end we grabbed the children and went to see the "beach front," which was where they had to pay to go to the bathroom, full of garbage. It was heartbreaking to see the children walking with us with no shoes on. As we jumped into the Taptap at the end of the day all I could do was look into the distance and see smoke from the trash, shacks, poorest of the poor walking around to find food and water for their families and just think of what we have at home, and feel so speechless it brings tears to my eyes to see that, it is all they have, and we have so much. I am sooo thinkful for this opportunity as it is changing my life, each and every day I am here.

~Rachael Wittnebel
Healing Haiti Team Member


  1. Rach, That is so cool you are able to experience that. I have been following the blog since you left and was hoping to see something that you wrote that is very touching. I hope you all are having an amazing time. Miss you much. Safe travels. You all are doing such a wonderful thing for all of these people in Haiti. xoxo your sister!!!

  2. We are so happy to see your smiling face. My heart is with you as you take in this amazing experience. You are a very special young woman and we are so so proud of you. Stay save. We love you Mom and Dad