Monday, July 18, 2011

Come away with me

Come away with Me for a while. The world with its nonstop demands, can be put on hold. Most people put Me on hold, rationalizing that someday they will find time to focus on Me. But the longer people push Me into the background of their lives, the harder it is for them to find Me.
You live among people who glorify busyness they have made time a tyrant that controls their lives. Even those who know Me as Savior tend to march to the tempo of the world. They have bought into the illusion that more is always better; more meetings, more programs, more activity. 
I have called you to follow Me on a solitary path, making time along with Me your highest priority and deepest Joy.  It is a pathway largely unappreciated and often despised. However, you have chosen the better thing, which will never be taken away from you.  Moreover, as you walk close to Me, I can bless others through you.

This is a devotion out of the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I was given this book from a beautiful woman for my birthday prior to my departure.  I couldn't help but think about the perfect timing of this book and how perfect this devotion was for the day before this teams departure to serve the Lord in Haiti.

I think about the many MORES we feel are always better and after the new lens from my experiences from Haiti..More is not always better.  It blurs our vision, it clogs our ears, it takes away from God.  I think back of training the teams for Healing Haiti.  I remember the analogy of having a glass full of "our self" or emptying every last drop so that God is able to fill us up.  We encourage everyone to empty their glass completely so we are able to solely depend, trust, and lean upon God.  When I am in Haiti I am able to completely empty my glass so that God will fill me up and use me in any way that He chooses. When I return back to the states...the busyness so quickly fills me up which then pushes God out of my glass.  I always  leave a little bit of Him in the glass but definitely not enough. I start to yearn to get centered again, I start to miss Haiti, miss GOD!  I start to take the wheel of life rather then letting Jesus take the wheel.  It is a time that I need so I can reflect on life and where exactly He is leading me. Where is God wanting me to go or what is He wanting from me.  What is God trying to teach me?  What perfect timing to go do serve Him.  Somewhere I feel the closest to Him, a place where no matter where I turn or who I see, or whatever I hear...God is always at the center. He is always there.
Father God, I am so thankful for this trip, so thankful for the perfectly imperfect beautiful people that are honest and helpful in my life that you sent with me.  Lord, there are many revelations ahead I do know this.  I pray that my eyes, ears, hands, feet, and heart will be yours. May my eyes see what you want me to see, may my ears hears the desperate cries you want me to hear (including my own), may my hands be your heavenly and gentle touch, may my feet be yours so that I will follow you where you need me to go, may my heart be your letting it feel the pain, suffering, peace, joy, love and happiness that you feel everyday, that you want me to feel.  May I surrender all of me to you and I pray this for our team members too, Lord.  Let us LOSE OURSELVES!!!  Fill us up completely with you!
Jesus, take the wheel, guide us and follow us, protect and cover us in all that we do in your name.  May our actions and words glorify You always.

Let us Come away with you
Surrendering our heart body and soul to you!


Rachel Rae
Healing Haiti Team Leader


  1. My God Bless each and every one of you as you begin this mission. You and the Haitian people will be deep in my prayers in the coming week as you continue to change the lives of less fortunate.

  2. Know that you are being lifted heavenward all week long!