Monday, April 2, 2012

Tears are words from the heart that cannot be spoken

Returning to Haiti, a place that shredded my heart, I cannot help but shed tears. My heart has continued to broken for this place and all of God's children that are placed here for their purpose in His big plan.  The stories of people thinking I was never coming back and they wept asking God, Where is my sister Rachelle, did she forget about Haiti?; Maria's story, Guiliaume's wife... counting the days that "my sister" was gone and nobody love's me like you do; the children of Cite Soleil, "their angel" forgot about us and they were angry at me; the children at Grace Village, that they also thought that Kira and I were never coming again, that they thought that we forgot about them and didn't love them.

These stories have broken my heart more than I could imagine.  After, conversing with them, explaining to all my story and how I we need to trust God for He has a plan for all our lives, that His love is enough and that I would and will never forget them, in fact Kira and I pray for them all at least twice a day, then understood but just hung their head and cried and begged me to never forget and to not stay afar too long again.  I prayed with Maria and Guiliaume, the children in Cite Soleil, oh was that a site, 40 children in a bunch hands upon thee other, give praise to God and grace to others seeking understanding, and the children at Grace Village in a big circle. Prayer is powerful. God answers our prayers in His timing, for His plan.  He knows what is best for us and there will always be a lesson in every day, every situation, every trial, and every love we have.  We have to just listen and allow His Spirit to reveal it to us.

When we were together, it was so hard to find the words whether it was them or I trying to speak.  We embraced one another and just wept for awhile.  With our hearts together and our tears meeting somewhere down our face or neck...we understood and loved one another. Words will never explain. So we all cried, shedding tears of forgiveness, affliction, mercy, love, and joy; embracing one another as God called us all to do with our brothers and sisters, in time of joy, in time of love, in time of sadness, in time of conflict, in time of pain, and in time of peace. 

Love one another as I have loved you, Jesus said

I do not my words yet, but I do know this has broken my heart in piece again. I will be shedding some tears today as we depart. Praying to God for our return and that the love we shared will be enough until next time. I know God has His hand on all of us and He knows all of what we need.  His Love IS ENOUGH. He gives us all that we need.  May we never forgot nor lose hope, for when love is shared and shown...Hope is always present.


My tears are words from my heart that cannot be spoken...I often time think of the sounds that we send out when we is a language I believe that only God can understand...When there is a time in need...cry out!  CRY OUT!...God understands and He will love you perfectly and far more than anyone on Earth can.

Mwen renmen-w
Mwen Manke-w
Mwen p'ap janm bliye...