Thursday, July 21, 2011

Refreshingly Divine

DAY FOUR IN HAITI - July 21, 2011

My day started out at 5:45 am with morning worship. It was astounding to see hundreds of people (young and seasoned) gathering to praise God despite their present circumstances. FanFan (Haitian native, interpretor, and spiritual leader of the guest house) came along to translate for Amy, Liz, and I. The pastor continued to reiterate that we are powerless without God. Everyone engaged in singing for the first hour of the service. It was a truly moving experience.

The remainder of the day was refreshingly divine. It melts my heart when children laugh. Our team took 14 kids who had never seen an ocean before to the beach. There was tons of splashing, laughing, and pure joy. It was also touching to hear the kids sing Happy Birthday in creole to our co-team leader Rachel while in the water with their life jackets on. The part of the ocean we were in was absolutely breathtaking. It was crystal clear and aqua blue with tons of rocks at the bottom for the toddlers to fill their beach buckets up. On the way back home the kids slept peacefully and I enjoyed the scenary while sitting at the end of the tap tap (sounds like top top...our mode of transportation)with Amy. The mountains were gorgeous and for a moment, it felt like I was in California or Jamaica.

45 minutes later, we arrived back in Cite Soley and the familiarity kicked in again: tent houses, pigs being territorial about the trash they were eating from the dump on the side of the road; and a woman chopping wood with a dull sword to make coal that will later be sold in exchange for a meal. :( Just when I began to feel heartbroken all over again, I remembered that God has a larger purpose for the people of Haiti.

We finished the day celebrating Rachel's birthday at a nearby restaurant. FanFan prayed for the table in creole and that moment was the beginning of a powerful evening. While eating, God worked yet another miracle. Some builders from Florida walked over to our table and shared their occupation. I'll leave the pleasure of two other team members to tell you the details about the conversation, but know that I was truly moved. Their presence was no mere coincidence.

The entire day was magnificent and one in which I feel was refreshingly divine in so many ways. God is an amazing healer, protector, and shield.....and he loves you. Jezi Renmen Ou (Jesus Loves You)

Until, Rolanda

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