Thursday, July 21, 2011


Day 3 ~Humbled~

On day 3 we visited the home for sick and dying babies and adults. In the morning Liz, Jen, Fanfan and I woke up early to walk to 6:00 a.m. worship. It was amazing to see how the Haitians worship God. I was honored to be able to go and see Haitians praise God in such away. I most definitly enjoyed watching my dear friend Fanfan in prayer and him helping me with the translation... When went to the Home for the Sick and Dying babies it was heartbreaking to see these babies, but it was a joy to hold and love them up. There was this one baby boy that I held the whole time he showed facial expressions and smiled all the time. He truly lighted my life. We were there from 9:30-12:00. After we went to a home for the Special Needs Children. It was wonderful to see this children running around, wanting to be played with and loved. They loved to laugh and smile, with the biggest smiles on ther
e faces. The love those children had for us was beautiful. When we arrived home we had dinner, and gathered to tell eachother our word of the day. My word was "langauge." The means of that word to me was when the children tryed to talk to me and I didn't know what they were saying but all I did was laugh and they would laugh back. My favorite part of the day was when Jess, Katie, Jean, Jen, and I went to the market after dinner. It was amazing to see the night life in Haiti and see the lights from the hills, and Haitians cooking and selling food on the streets over candle light. It was truly a beautiful sight to see. It was a wonderful feeling to not care what people thought of eachother and yourself.

Day 4 The Beach~

Today was a prefect day. First it was our leader Rachel's birthday. I was so blessed and honored to be able to be at this place she calls Paradise with her. We packed our sandwiches, snacks and picked up 13 children and the water truck men and headed to the beach. As we were on our way to the beach the children had smiles on there faces, they were so excited to see the beach.

Some of them have been to the beach and some of them have never even seen the ocean. It was a joy to see them swim and play in the beautiful blue ocean. During our time at the beach we went on a boat ride with the children.... At the end of the day when we dropped off the children we went our to dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. Rachel's dream was to drive in Haiti so Jean let her drive us home from the restaurant. She was so proud, she was glowing!!!! Tpday was a great day I will never forget! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FRIEND RACHEL!!!!

Rachael Wittnebel
Healing Haiti Team Member

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  1. What a wonderful picture. So glad to see how happy you are. You are amazing. Love you Mom