Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is love...

Overwhelmed with love and emotion...that is all I can say about today. Kira and I went to Grace Village today.  As we approached the gate, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with so much emotion.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to go through that door but I knew as we drove through and the next few hours, I would be/am so thankful that I did go through that door because what I found on the other side, was something out of this world.  

FanFan was leading prayer and worship time in the feeding center when we arrived with some of the children. (they have exams this week so alot of them were home) We snuck in and listened for awhile. The sweet sweet sound of the voices singing praises to God. Praises to God.  As they finished up FanFan looked up and saw Kira and I standing by the door and he smiled he just laughed, and said "Oh my goodness."  (if you know FanFan you know how he sounds) He told the children to look back and he said does anyone know who that is?  The children loudly said, "Rachelle and Kira"  they got up and literally ran to all crowd us, wanting to all give us hugs and kisses.  Telling us "Mwen manke-w"" and "Mwen renmen-w" which translates to "I missed you" and "I love you" in English. I never wanted to leave this moment. I tried but failed at holding back the tears.  The children wiped my tears.  All I could tell them is that they were happy tears, and tears of joy, because I was so excited to see them again, and how our faithful God has blessed them with so many wonderful things. I was so overwhelmed with joy and the love that I felt from the children.  Maria and Giliaume came and greeted us with Sherlenda (honored to also call her my Godchild) and just embraced us for a while. Maria started to cry, she was so excited to have us there.  This didn't help me and the tears that I was trying to fight back. The children were jumping up and down telling me on how thankful, so very very happy they were to see Kira and me.  All the children were wanting Sherlenda to come to me but she was scared, yet she started to warm up during the time we spent up there.  She did finally came to me later during the day on the swings and when I had food and drink to give her.  The children were so excited to show us their rooms and the bathrooms. Every child took us to their room to show us which bed was theirs.  They were so proud yet very grateful.  We then brought the children out to the playground.  They all wanted Kira and I to sit and let them push us on the swings. They were so persistent on this...they wanted to serve us.  These children have the gift of hospitality no doubt.  

I cannot help but think about the love these children have for me, and for all that come to visit them.  I think their love is the true example of how God loves us.  He wants us to see all the little blessings in life that He has given us.  He gets excited, continues to show you no matter how hesitant or cautious you are. He wants you to know, no matter how long you have been gone or haven't know God, He still loves you with all His power and greatness and as you get to know Him or return to Him, His arms are wide open waiting to share His love with you.  Like the children, I can only imagine that if one goes astray from their faith and yet returns, I can't help but think that God is jumping up and down, giving praises, telling one how much He missed them and How He loves us.   All of us!  The joy He has for us returning...These children I love as my own.  They have given me one of the greatest gifts of life....a new perspective on LOVE, God's love.

It may sound weird but on this day, the Lord has blessed me with a new gift and experience of love...Jesus' version...Unconditional, everlasting, that as long as I am living I will know...Forever and Always.  I say this only because I am one who has always needed to see and touch things, not just feel it in my heart.  Yet today...the Lord has shown me through these beautiful children, my sight, their touch and excitement and through my heart and emotions the Love He has for me, and for every one of us.  We just have to be willing to go through that gate...be fearless and surrender all to Him.  He will not fail me, leave me, nor forsake me. I give thanks to our Great God who revealed Himself to me yet again and was willing to change my lens once again; to reveal to my eyes and my heart the Love He has for me and that is waiting for all of us. 

Only in Haiti, a place that some may call hopeless, yet I found love here. Where love is given...Hope is present.

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