Monday, March 26, 2012



These are the words, I will pray during this next week.

RETURN...Lord, I am on my knees humbled for this opportunity for I have prayed to return to this paradise, if it was your will. You have answered my prayer in Your timing.  As I am returning, I ask you to be with me; for this place broke my heart wide open, it has forever been imprinted on my heart, the place that has shown me what Your love is. Yet, has shown me what true affliction feels like. It has shown me the richest of rich, poorest of poor. Lord, I praise you, please lead me, guide me, follow me on this journey and always.

REFLECT..I surrender myself and these days ahead as a time of solitude and reflection, please help me clear my mind, my heart and my soul. Please fill me up with your love, presence and wisdom.

RESTORE...Father God, I am asking for your all mighty power to restore all that is in need. I ask you to continue to grow me, and give me the strength to continue on this journey I am on.  Restore me to be wholeheartedly with you, for you, and in love with you. Saturate my heart with your everlasting love.

RENEW...Oh my God, I am here to ask you to renew my present and allow me to leave my past back there and to never look back.  Please renew my mind for the many lessons you have shown me will stick and make my fruits anew and abundantly grow. Renew the lens that I see with. Please help me be the best of me.

REVEAL...Father God, I ask you to reveal yourself to me during this time and always. Please show me the things you want me to see, speak the things you want to me speak, and hear the things you want to me to hear and act on the things you want me to do.  Lord, I believe there is going to be mighty works done this you have been so faithful down here for I ask you to reveal yourself to me, reveal the path that you have chosen for me.

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